DECENT Building Decentralized Media Publishing Platform

Decent decentralized publishing platform


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A new start-up called ‘DECENT‘ is building a decentralized publishing platform, which will make use of blockchain technology.

The DECENT platform is dedicated to promoting and protecting free speech aroung the world. It is designed to allow media producers to publish their work without fear of censorship, whilst allowing media consumers to access a reliable and unbiased alternative media source.

“DECENT is not controlled by any third parties, not even the creators. The platform is owned directly by its users and will never be affiliated with any economic, media or political party.” says co-founder Matej Michalko.

In terms of the underlying technology the DECENT platform is likely to be similar to Alexandria – The People’s Library, utilizing a combination of torrent or IPFS technology for file sharing with a blockchain for indexing data, selling premium content, and as a micropayment channel for tipping. But the Geneva based team also seem to be focused on providing a more user-friendly interface for users to access the network’s content, building out a recommendation engine on top of the protocol to serve up media recommendations tailored individually to each user. This will allow users to enjoy easy access to some of the best content the network can offer. According to Operations Executive Jana Bodova “there can be more recommendation engines”  which may be built on top of the publicly available blockchain data, to offer users alternative perspectives.

The company behind DECENT has already secured a €​5​00k funding from Element Capital LLC, a US Chinese Fund, and has teams of collaborators in Ukraine, Luxembourg, Shanghai and Australia. In order to provide additional funding and a chance for prospective users to get involved early, a crowdsale is also being planned for autumn 2015.

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